The First walk is one hour long. The card says Lion’s Gate and the subject for the walk is ‘Colours’. The ‘directions’ dice says left only and the ‘time’ dice is the ‘joker’ so I decide on 7 minutes. Little did I know how the number 7 will be celebrated in this short walk.

As soon as I go through the gate we turn left and we are at the first entrance to the Temple Mount, the Haram Al-Sharif (which means the Noble Sanctuary) - one of the most important religious sites in Jerusalem.

As soon as I reach the gate I am told that I cannot go in unless I am Muslim. I backtrack and take the next left and then seven minutes later find myself approaching the next entrance, where again a soldier comes towards me and this time tells me to come back at 1230- tourist visiting time.

The rest of the hour is pretty similar. I walk for the seven minutes and reach the next entrance. The soldiers comments vary slightly in tone but essentially are very similar. Who would have thought, indeed does anyone else in the world know that the entrances to this amazing site are seven minutes apart?

The soldier at the last entrance tells me he doesn’t envy people who live in Jerusalem. He is a Druze from the North and says its calmer there...